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God's Great Plan

God's Great Plan for the Whole World

Phillip A. Ross
An overview of the whole biblical story. It's not what you think it is! See the story in a whole new light.

Galatians -- Backstory/Christory

Phillip A. Ross
Christ came to free people from bondage to the law of Moses, but not through the absolute abandonment of all law. Get real!
John's Miracles

John's Miracles -- Seeing Beyond Our Expectations

Phillip A. Ross
John holds the humanity and divinity of Jesus in tension, and provides a different understanding of the miraculous.

Colossians--Christos Singularis

Phillip A. Ross
The complexity of God's singularity, the Solas Christos Singularis of God, is a way to understand the depth and texture of Paul's letter.

Arsy Varsy -- Reclaiming The Gospel in First Corinthians

Phillip A. Ross
Paul thought, wrote and taught that some of the leaders of the Corinthian church had things backwards, and their getting things right meant that they first come to understand that they had things wrong.

Varsy Arsy -- Proclaiming The Gospel in Second Corinthians

Phillip A. Ross
The Corinthian church had wealth, success and influence. But the false spirituality being taught was based on Greek wisdom. Paul saw through the charade and called the Corinthians back to Christ.

The Wisdom of Jesus Christ in Proverbs

Phillip A. Ross
Here is the biblical message Proverbs in the light of Jesus Christ, from the perspective of Christianity. While Proverbs was written by King Solomon, the Christian faith is eternally consistent.
informal christianity cover

Informal Christianity--Refining Christ's Church

Phillip A. Ross
Informal Christianity reviews the personal and informal realities involved in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that provide the foundation of Christianity.

Practically Christian -- Applying James Today

Phillip A. Ross
Shine the light of Scripture into the darkened recesses of the contemporary church by shining the light of James into the hearts of contemporary readers.
Christ's Purpose

Peter’s Vision of Christ’s Purpose in First Peter,

Phillip A. Ross
Peter's vision of the progressive revelation of Christ in history fueled the scientific and technological revolutions that have already created a new world.

Peter's Vision of The End

Phillip A. Ross
Peter was not suggesting that God’s purpose was the destruction of the world. Rather, God was working to save the world. God’s message was and is a message of hope not hate, of love not loathe.

The True Mystery of the Mystical Presence

John Williamson Nevin (1846) & Phillip A. Ross
An expanded edition of Nevin’s book, The Mystical Presence—A Vindication of the Reformed or Calvinistic Doctrine of the Holy Eucharist.
Marking God's Word

Marking God's Word--Understanding Jesus

Phillip A. Ross
Is confusion about the gospel of Jesus Christ new to the contemporary world? When did the confusion begin? What is the confusion about? How have people dealt with it? These are the questions that have guided this commentary on Mark.
Acts Of Faith

Acts Of Faith--Kingdom Advancement

Phillip A. Ross
This study of Acts shows that Paul understood Jesus, and carried forward Jesus' perspective, not simply Paul's perspective. It was an old perspective because it was a biblical perspective, not a new perspective.

Ephesians -- Recovering the Vision of a Sustainable Church in Christ

Phillip A. Ross
A biblical perspective that issues out of the wholeness of the Bible and shows the Bible’s sustainable depth and breadth for the twenty-first century

Engagement -- Establishing Relationship in Christ

Phillip A. Ross
Engaging a relationship with Jesus Christ in the contemporary world is not what many people think it is.

The Big Ten -- The Ten Commandments

Phillip A. Ross
Get a proper understanding of biblical Christianity that speaks to our problems and addresses issues of orthodoxy and error that plague modern society.
Rock Mountain Creed

Rock Mountain Creed--Jesus' Sermon on the Mount

Phillip A. Ross
The ineffectiveness of the church in our world is tied to our own regurgitation of old answers. It is not that we need new Christian answers, but that we need renewed hearts and minds to engage God’s answers through regeneration.
It's About Time

It's About Time!—The Time Is Now

Phillip A. Ross
This book is not about a mountaintop experience nor is it from a mountaintop perspective. Rather, it is from the "street," down in the valley where people actually live.

Poet Tree -- Root, Branch & Sap

Phillip A. Ross
Conversations with God. Ross has a wry sense of humor. If humor is funny because it contrasts odd things in unexpected ways, then the best humor isn’t all that funny. The best humor is ridiculously weird.

The Work At Zion—A Reckoning

Phillip A. Ross
Two volumes: This collection of sermons details a preacher's rediscovery of classic, historical, Protestant Christianity in the midst of of apathy and apostasy.

The Religious History of Marietta in the Nineteenth Century

Thomas Jefferson Summers
Written by a Congregational minister at the beginning of the Twentieth Century, this history of Marietta is reproduced with footnotes and appendix regarding religious issues of that time.

Inside Out Woman -- Collected Poetry

Doris M. Ross (1927-1986)
Doris (my mother) was both a mother and a career woman. Her poetry reflects her life story and is deeply emotional, sensitive, yet brilliant, and portrays her struggle for liberation.
Conflict of Ages

Conflict of Ages—The Great Debate of the Moral Relations of God and Man,

Phillip A. Ross
The Old Testament prophets described the conflict as between the one true God and the many false gods, or the true prophet and the false prophets.
Concord Of Ages

Concord Of Ages: The Individual And Organic Harmony Of God And Man

Conflict of Ages traces the problem through the history of Christianity up to the publishing of Concord, 1860. And Concord of Ages provides the solution to the problem delineated in Conflict.