The Big Ten–The Ten Commandments

The Big Ten–The Ten Commandments

The God of the Old Testament is none other than Jesus Christ, the Messiah of God.

108 pgs. The Ten Commandments are intended to be foundational for a proper understanding of biblical Christianity. They are neither comprehensive, nor complete; neither systematic, nor extemporaneous. They are, however, intended to address issues of orthodoxy and error that plague modern society and the contemporary churches. They are neither scholarly nor popular in style or content. They simply expose the Bible for what it is, and apply it to the world in which we live. Though these insights and applications will distress many people, they are an honest effort to represent Scripture in and of itself, apart from ideology and the subtle influences known as political correctnes

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What is in view here is not human law, but God’s law. Just to speak the phrase brings a chill upon many a backbone. People don’t like to talk about God’s law. To do so is to be branded a fundamentalist, legalist, theonomist and/or extremist, all in the most vile sense of the word. For the most part contemporary Christians believe that they have arrived at a time in history that is beyond the application of any Old Testament laws, and in many cases, a time that is beyond all biblical law. People have converted the gospel of grace to mean a gospel without law — without obligation or responsibility. The good news that is preached in too many pulpits today is lawlessness, couched in terms of a gospel of positive thinking, of upbeat moralisms intended to make life better, richer, fuller, more meaningful, and happier. In order to justify the human distaste for biblical law, people — Christians among them — no longer speak of God’s law or the human obligation to it, not even in Bible study or worship.

However, the Bible is not a divided witness. It is a whole, a unity. God’s Word, God’s testimony is completely true. No part of it contradicts any other part. All parts are true and applicable to faith and life. There are two testaments, but only one God. The God of the Old Testament is none other than Jesus Christ, the Messiah of God. This understanding of Scripture is not new, but it has fallen on hard times. Thus, as it is resurrected in these pages it will no doubt seem odd or foreign — even heretical to many Christians who have forgotten their own roots. How I wish it were not so!

Genre: Theology
Publisher: Pilgrim Platform Books
Publication Year: 2008
Format: 6 X 9
Length: 108 pgs.
ASIN: 0982038534
ISBN: 9780982038536
List Price: 5.95
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