John Williamson Nevin
The True Mystery of The Mystical Presence

The True Mystery of The Mystical Presence


355 pgs. Think of this book as a contemporary edition of John Williamson Nevin’s book, The Mystical Presence—A Vindication of the Reformed or Calvinistic Doctrine of the Holy Eucharist (J.B. Lippencort & Co., 1846). It is not simply a reissue of an old book. Rather, it’s a sort of dynamic equivalence approach to editing in order to make it more available to contemporary people. I have simply tried to take Nevin’s work and make it my own, in the sense of comprehending its significance and application. In doing so, I have taken broad license to edit, interpret, clarify and expand what I think Nevin was saying. (10% Discount coupon for Create Space only - ZU8JSU2J )

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