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The publication of this book began early in the Twenty-First Century when Dr. Douglas Vickers suggested that Ross publish his work with Wipf & Stock, one of the early academic oriented publish on demand companies. The book on Colossians was originally titled Nothing But Christ—Another Look at Colossians (Wipf & Stock, Eugene, OR, 2001) on the first two chapters. The present volume is a complete reworking of that manuscript and the completion of the study of Colossians.

From the Introduction:

Though some scholars doubt that Paul wrote this letter, the historic church has always believed it to come from Paul’s hand. Scholars tend to doubt everything. That’s what they are paid to do. Christians need to be very careful with scholarship. Too many people trust the scholars more than the Bible, and that’s a serious mistake. It’s not that scholarship is bad, only that most of it is godless, and consequently speculative.

Paul was combating error in Colossae. People forget that Paul was always correcting people—Christians. If it weren’t for people getting things wrong, Paul may not have written any letters. But as it was, the enemies of the gospel were hard at work in the early churches, twisting God’s Word every which way they could. They still are! So, Paul wrote to straighten them out. Thank God he did!

My intention here has not been to read everything written on Colossians and then try to add something new or to make some unique point. This is not a scholarly book. It’s a sermon series that is intended to make the issues, concerns and truths of Paul’s letter to the Colossians come to life, God willing.

Phillip A. Ross has pastored churches in Berkeley, California; St. Louis, Missouri, Evansville, Indiana; Bellefonte, Pennsylvania; and Marietta, Ohio. He has degrees from Pacific School of Religion, the University of Colorado, and has various certificates of continuing pastoral training. Following his post-ordination conversion to biblical Christianity, he has labored for Gospel renewal through radio, music, counseling, and writing. He lives with his wife, Stephanie, in Marietta and has three sons in college. Ross is also the organizing elder of the Mid-Ohio Valley Reformed Fellowship (

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