Degenerent Orthodoxy

About the book, Generous Orthodoxy, by Brian McLaren.

Tim Challies’ review of this book in December, 2004, is worth reading.

According to the site, this is another instance of what is known as “Progressive Christianity,” formerly known as Liberalism.

“ represents the perspectives of those who are variously called progressive evangelicals, postconservative evangelicals, post-evangelicals, younger evangelicals, liberal evangelicals, and/or left evangelicals.”

Also see:

This strategy is to consistently and continuously change the terminology that describes Liberalism in an effort to keep detractors off balance. As soon as the new terminology is identified, a newer iteration of Liberalism pops up under a different nomenclature — a la Generous Orthodoxy. This keeps their enemies (Traditional Chnristians) in a reactive mode, always reacting to the new terminology. But it is the same old shtick.

The best way to treat this kind of thing is “call a spade a spade,” to identify it as warmed-over Liberalism as quickly and thoroughly as possible. That’s what Paul did in Corinth.

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